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I am fascinated by the human brain…  Isn’t it amazing how we can remember people and events just by listening to an old song, or smelling something familiar – the aroma of a good cup of coffee, or the smell of certain fruits?

I love the smell of cinnamon!  It brings back memories of a “kerk basaar” (church bazaar) and the long queues at the pancake table…  Waiting for those warm pancakes, dripping with melted sugar and cinnamon.  And for some strange reason it has become tradition and the food of choice on a rainy day.  Whenever it starts to rain, most Afrikaans’ people will crave pancakes.

The Afrikaans’ poet DJ Opperman wrote the following poem, about such memories, related to certain aromas:

“My nooi is in n naartjie, my ouma in kaneel.

Daar’s iemand… iemand in anys.

Daar’s n vrou in elke geur.”

I found the translation of the poem on Coffee with Costa:

“My girl is in a naartjie (tangerine), my grandmother in cinnamon.

There’s someone, someone in aniseed.

There’s a woman in every flavour.”

Well, next time if you enjoy your cup of boeretroos – consider having a cinnamon sugar pancake with it!

koTie :)

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Picture by koTie

I found the following poem on http://www.woorde.co.za:


My liefde vir jou is vasgevang
in die korrels sand van die aarde.
Biljoene gekleurde klein klippies
met my naam daarin geverf -
sodat jy, waar jy ook al is,
ʼn handvol liefde kan gryp
om tussen jou vingers te vryf,
of om iets in die sand te skryf.

It’s a beautiful poem about love – the poet describes that his/her love is caught up in the sand on earth…  And no matter where the other person will go, he/she can rub the sand between his/her fingers and hold on to the poet’s love.


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